April 20: Shaping Fashion

The apparel industry has grown to have one of the largest impacts globally on both people and the planet. From pollution, waste, water over-consumption, and human rights violations, our clothing is contributing to massive environmental and social issues. But this doesn’t have to be the story.

Join us for Shaping Fashion, a day-long event hosted in partnership with Fashion Revolution to challenge our relationship with our clothing and inspire new ways to shop thoughtfully! There will be:

- Powerful, local speakers sharing on topics: Wearing Your Values, Inclusivity, Secondhand Shopping, and Feminism.

- A Pop-up Sewing Lab for mending, repairing, and trendy alterations by talented local artists!

- An ethical marketplace with 14+ sustainable & ethical brands, designers, and makers that you can feel great about supporting.

Be a part of shaping the new fashion industry! Mark your calendars and stop by any time for this FREE event. RSVP to let us know you’ll be there: http://bit.ly/shapingfashion

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