Big Happy Flower Earrings

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Give me the deets:

  • Materials: polymer clay, nickel-free hypoallergenic posts
  • Length: 2.5 inches
  • Weight: Basically like wearing air
  • NOTE: Color may be slightly different depending on your monitor. And any imperfections are the result of the handcrafted nature of this process. This has been made by a human, with love, not a machine. Well, I’m kind of a machine...but like in the one-woman-show kind of way. You get my drift.

Artist's Inspiration for this collection:  

This collection is the physical & wearable manifestation of all my rebranding efforts over at The Bold Life Design and I gotta is just so dang joyful! It may be gray outside but these colors and shapes make me smile. And really, can you have too many microjoys after a year like 2020?? Answer: No. Definitely not. So here she is...The ⁠Brené Collection. ⁠