How To Kill A City: the Fight For the Neighborhood

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Almost anytime large corporations are thriving, the middle class of America is shrinking, along with its diverse small business and sense of local community. How to Kill a City is about the process of "gentrification", beyond the overpriced cafes and obnoxious hipster-types. Looking at these systems of economic greed can be intimidating and disheartening, that's why Peter Moskowitz also explains ways we can use this information fight back and not feel entirely hopeless about our lot in life.

Moskowitz has been a staff writer for Al Jazeera America and as written articles for the Guardian, New York Times, Wired, and many more. He brings this extensive journalistic experience to the pages of How to Kill a City to present you detailed facts so you can stay enlightened and aware of the absurdity that is capitalism in the United States.