Manifestation Word Temporary Tattoos

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The Manifestation Word Tattoo 2-Pack comes attractively and responsibly packaged with eco-friendly materials. Each pack includes 1 alcohol pad to clean/prep skin for best application, and "Intention Setting" instructions to prepare the soul. A self-empowerment kit in every pack! Perfect for gift giving!

These long lasting, black temporary tattoos have been purposefully designed to last longer by making sure the tattoo lines aren't too thin. Use a little rubbing alcohol to prep skin for even longer wear.

Temporary Tattoos last 2-5 days on average (up to 10) depending on skin type and usage. They're safe, non-toxic and made with FDA certified colorants. They exceed safety standards for the FDA, Canada and the EU. Vegan. Eco friendly packaging. Made in USA.

Options (size reflects paper backing dimensions - actual tattoo size is smaller):

Possibilities: 1.5 inches by 3 inches

Love Unconditionally: 1 inch by 2.5 inches

She Believed She Could So She Did: 3 inches by 1 inch

Grateful: 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches