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It's Not Really for the Garment Worker

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My instagram feed is flooded with "Secondhand September" posts.  I LOVE shopping vintage and secondhand (even carved out a few hours next week specifically for it - wanna come?).  It's a great thing.  Keep that stuff out of the landfill or incinerator for as long as possible and "save" your wallet and the planet some grief at the same time.  You are winning and Mother Nature approves.  You are not wrong.  You you you.  Me me me.  However, I can't help but notice an element of this campaign some (not all) ethical/sustainable fashion "influencers" are using that simply doesn't jive.  In fact, it drives me batty (rhymes with catty). 

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Words < Money

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Thank you for your enthusiasm over sustainable fashion, but unless that enthusiasm is backed with green this movement is on a treadmill to nowheresville.

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What's Next

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Business year 2 is coming to a close.   I want to reflect on a year of growth and accomplishment, but that wouldn't feel very truthful.  It was another really challenging year, with a few positive moments that seemed to show up just in the knick of time.

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My Fashion Revolution Story

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Fashion Revolution is not one person.  It is many of us - designers, educators, writers, business leaders, policy makers, brands, retailers, makers, buyers, fashion lovers and more - who put our mouths and our money into a different kind of fashion industry.  One that values people and our earth at every point in the supply chain.  It isn't a trend, it's a new way to do business that is continuing to grow and is getting increasingly difficult to ignore.

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