Hey, I'm Jill.


Spoils of Wear is a play on the phrase 'Spoils of War', a term that refers to the profits from winning a war or battle - like, riches and power. I don't really like war, nor do I place much value in riches or power, but I do really like clothes.

The name has always worked in spite of my evolving shopping strategy. When I shopped thrift stores and clearance racks it seemed to speak to my battle with the rack itself, as I attempted to find winning garments amongst a sea of terrible ones.  When first introduced to the world of high-end fashion, it was a battle against uniformity and pretentiousness. 

And now, as I strive to buy my clothes more consciously, the challenge is about alternatives to "fast fashion" - an industry that values profits over people and artisanship.  My job is to ask the questions and serve up the spoils - the best of the brands that care about what their clothing is made of, where it's being made, and who is making it.

The products you'll find at Spoils of Wear focus on local production, organic textiles, and fair trade practices, among other socially and environmentally sustainable qualities.

We provide a broad range of opportunities for you to buy truly unique, lasting items at a fair price.  In turn, supporting artisans, Benefit Corporations, and other brands dedicated to a common goal: ethical practices in the fashion industry.