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Words < Money

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Thank you for your enthusiasm over sustainable fashion, but unless that enthusiasm is backed with green this movement is on a treadmill to nowheresville.

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What's Next

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Business year 2 is coming to a close.   I want to reflect on a year of growth and accomplishment, but that wouldn't feel very truthful.  It was another really challenging year, with a few positive moments that seemed to show up just in the knick of time.

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My Fashion Revolution Story

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Fashion Revolution is not one person.  It is many of us - designers, educators, writers, business leaders, policy makers, brands, retailers, makers, buyers, fashion lovers and more - who put our mouths and our money into a different kind of fashion industry.  One that values people and our earth at every point in the supply chain.  It isn't a trend, it's a new way to do business that is continuing to grow and is getting increasingly difficult to ignore.

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