22" Alexa Bandana

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Meet No. 071 Alexa. She's not exactly the camping type. People say they saw her arrive to Camp Crush in a limo, which gives strong Parent Trap vibes–the Lindsay Lohan version. She showed up with a great attitude and a lot of baggage. She'll definitely be ready with any first aid or sun protection... but maybe skip the canoeing invite.

100% premium cotton, handmade and screen printed.

Original artwork.

This colorful bandana, handkerchief, hair tie, accessory, hankie, scarf, headband- features a modern rustic hand-drawn design. Uses include dogs or pets, a baby or babies, home decor for your wall, framed as a fine art piece, dining cloth napkin or worn as a head wrap. Have it handy in the kitchen or bath! It makes great eco-friendly gift wrap or wrapping paper, wedding decor, favors, bridal shower.