Hipster Flamingo Lemonade Thunderpants

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Oops!  Thunders made a tinsey winsey miscalculation of fabric and ran out of Barbara Pink fabric used to bind the Finding Flamingos print! So when life gives a little extra lemon binding, we make Flamingo Lemonade. Can you find the flamingos? They are nestled up in their 80s Miami paradise. This flamazing print is designed by illustrator Meg Wagler is definitely Sonny and Tubbs approved.

Thanks to Bar Cala in Portland for the very Miami-inspired photo background!

The hipster is sized from small - large and is designed to sit in the natural crease at the top of the leg, cover your bum, and reach to your high hip area. Check the Size Chart here. (size up in hipster style) We recommend the hipster if you are flat in the tummy and/or short in the rise to the waist. For many of us, the hipster does not reach over the apex of our tummy roll at which point the natural laws of gravity take over and the hipster will roll down. In this situation we have a solution in the higher waisted, original option.

The Thunderpants fabric is 90% organically grown fair trade cotton and 10% spandex to give it that super comfy soft stretchy feel. The waist and leg bands are constructed in the same fabric as the body eliminating the need for the addition of nasty, grippy elastic. We test every lot of fabric for ultimate performance. All garments are made locally and lovingly in Portland, OR

To preserve the vibrant colors and life of the fabric we suggest you do not soak or bleach your Thunderpants items. Use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry your Thunderpants on the line (they will survive drying low, but may fade a bit). 

Your Thunderpants are not only super comfy but they are designed to withstand some pretty staunch stuff, so get into them and get on out there!