Petra Shorts

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100% Cotton 
Fair Trade

Bibico has shared their vision with a wonderful women’s co-operative in Mumbai for over 14 years. Together, they try to minimise the environmental impact of what they
do and aim to produce collections almost wholly from natural fibres.

The textile industry contributes nearly 35% of all the
micro-plastic pollution and much of this is derived from the synthetic
fabrics used in fast fashion. The fabrics used at BIBICO are sustainable,
such as organic cotton, linen and Tencel. These fabrics are not just kinder
to the environment but they also look better, feel better and perform better.
BIBICO offers a thoughtful, sustainable alternative to fast fashion. By making
small changes and trying to buy better and focus on reusing, repurposing
and recycling clothes, we can all lessen the impact the fashion industry
has on the world we live in.