Stain Pre-Treat Spray

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There's nothing worse than spilling red wine or coffee on your favorite shirt. OK, so maybe there are worse things but let's face it, stains are not fun. Lil' Green Wagon developed a LAUNDRY STAIN PRETREAT to tackle those tough stains, naturally. 100% handcrafted without chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, dyes, ammonia or synthetic chemicals. You're welcome!



hydrogen peroxide
distilled water
castile soap
vegetable glycerin
grapefruit extract
essential oil

That's it!


Simply spray on the stainand let it sit for 15 minutes or longer. For tough stains, spray on then sprinkle our LAUNDRY SALTS on the spot and spray again just to moisten the SALTS. Roll up and let sit overnight then wash as usual. Sprayer comes with stream and spray feature.
*Lil' Green Wagon has found this to be safe on machine washable fabrics of all colors but recommends you always check for colorfastness of your fabric, especially dark colors, prior to using. No responsibility is assumed for color bleeding or colorfastness.