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You may not know that blogging is what got me into this mess.  Or at least what I blame for getting me into this mess.  In actuality, my messes are far too complex to blame just one source. It's not a bad mess (usually).  Messiness is my comfort zone, so I use this word in a mostly complementary way.

Long story short...

January of 2009 I started a writing a blog.  Since my original plan of opening a boutique called Spoils of Wear *cough* had been sufficiently flushed, it seemed like a decent name for blog.  It never became a smashing success or anything close to it.  In it's defense, it was very early in the stages of fashion blogging.  Smart Phones weren't smart enough to take a good picture.   There was no Instagram.  No hashtags.  And the idea of posting frequent pictures and descriptions of my outfits on the internet seemed embarrassingly vain - it still is, but I still do it.

Fast forward 9 years.  NINE YEARS!?

Clearly, a lot has happened in that near-decade.  Gives me a lot of material to draw from for a new blog, so that's cool.

I really love blogging.  Not because people read what I write but because writing makes me feel good.  I process things best if I write them out and relieve myself of angst.  And in this business, there is much angst to process.  There's a ton of good stuff too, so I will try to find some balance.

January 2018 begins month 17 in business.  Months 2.5 to present day have shaken down to a lot of wonderful and some terrible moments.  A crash course in conscious fashion, retail ownership, emotional strength, and mind fuckery. I've taken to swearing as the healthiest form of aggression relief, so read no further if easily offended. 

Now that I've had some time to settle into my new role as CEO, CFO, CBO, CMO, CIO (you get the idea), the time seems right to write again.  No outfit pics this time (that's what Instagram is for), just a place to journal my tumultuous headspace as well as the exciting things that make this thing tick.