Claws Out

If you like to wear nail polish and would rather buy it from a company that shares your ideals and supports fantastic non-profits, Claws Out is here for that.

Each polish is named after topics Claws Out genuinely cares about so that their values are clear. The bottles are pretty so they can be displayed proudly, maybe even triggering some meaningful conversations. The polish is made vegan and cruelty-free, without the fish scales or animal testing often used, because Claws Out people are obsessed animal lovers. The nail polishes are made in the USA without gross chemicals like Formaldehyde or Camphor because Claws out cares about factory workers (and you). A woman-owned local business is used to print all of the premium labels because indie is the way to go. And Claws Out gives back, both distributing money to people and causes they believe are trying to make the world a better place and using the flexibility of their own business to donate volunteer time to groups who need it - because community support comes from more than just a check.