Monstera Leaf Earrings

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Go bold and go tropical with our Monstera Leaf Earrings! Meticulously hand-cut from raw brass to bring you the natural beauty and charm of the iconic monstera plant with its distinctive, perforated leaves. These earrings celebrate the allure of tropical paradise and its lush foliage.

NOTE ON RAW BRASS: We love raw brass because it naturally darkens and patinas over time. There is no plating or coating on these earrings, which means you can wear it with a darker antiqued look or clean it to restore the lighter color brass. We hope you'll enjoy the natural beauty and rustic charm of raw brass as it patinas over time as much as we do!

* Fair trade
* Handcrafted in India
* Raw brass
* Hypoallergenic & nickel free
* Measures 2.5" in length