COVID-19 Shopping Protocol

Hi!  Thanks for reading this.  And thanks for wanting to support a small, local shop.  You are awesome.

We have always - and will always - strive to create an easy, casual, fun shopping experience.  But there's no sugar coating our new reality - things are going to be awkward for a while.  We encourage you to continue shopping what you can online.  We are doing our best to keep our web store stocked and delivery windows as short as possible.  Curbside pick up will also continue to be an option.  THANK YOU for supporting us this way so far.  Without consistent online orders we would surely be closed forever by now.  We appreciate every dollar you're willing to spend with us.

If you are feeling 100% healthy, we welcome you to shop in store.  We are so excited to see your friendly faces again!  2 customers will be allowed in the store at a time.  There will be a sign at the door asking you to please wait if we are at capacity.  Enjoy a walk around our beautiful neighborhood or grab a yummy beverage next door.

When you are in the store, please maintain social distance.  We will happily pull things and make suggestions, but feel free to claim a dressing room and put what interests you in there without staff assistance. 

Hand sanitizer and/or alcohol wipes are placed just inside the door, in each dressing room, and at the cash/wrap.

Masks are encouraged, particularly while trying on clothes.  We may set some tried-on clothes aside for steaming after visits, however, this is not a sure way to kill germs, so please understand you are trying on clothes at your own risk.

After each visit, staff will clean common surfaces and deeper cleaning will take place at the end of each shift.

If you've been here before, you know we like your kids a lot and try to make shopping here fun for them too.  However, the toys and video games will be put away for while.  We ask that you leave small children at home (the walking/talking kind, babies in carriers are fine) - we're really bummed about this, but feel it's for the best right now.

While we will continue to accept cash payments, we will not keep it on hand for change, so any cash transaction over the amount is a donation (hey, thanks!).  Those darn credit card fees aren't fun, but cards are a more sanitary form of payment and is encouraged for the time being.

We'll continue to keep you updated on how we're navigating this really hard time and hope to see you very soon.