Protest Posters - Set of 16

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1 tube includes set of 16 offset printed 11” x 17” posters by Ladyfingers Letterpress.  Includes one of each design.  Made in Colorado Springs.

Award-winning Ladyfingers Letterpress in an LGBTQ+ owned and operated stationary and gift brand based in Colorado Springs founded by couple Arley Torsone and Morgan Calderini.

"We believe that you don't have to be a large company to a make a big impact.  We take pride in making things by hand, locally, and sustainably.  In recent years, we have used our platform to promote women's LGTBQ+, POC and immigrant rights, using our "power of the press" to produce work that helps to mobilize social movements.  We use our privilege as maker and business owners to create products that speak to the people and once in a while make them laugh with a little dad joke."

***in light of recent events in Colorado Springs, all Spoils of Wear profit on this item has been given to Support for the Club Q Families and Survivors GoFundMe.  If you have the means to donate directly or share, here is the link to help: